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Robots Links

Rocket robotAt the Jet Propulsion Laboratory the Robotic Vehicles Group performs research, development, and tests of mobile robots in support of planetary exploration missions and terrestrial applications for NASA and other Government agencies. Great pictures of Robots including the Mars Pathfinder, the NanoRover and many more!

Scientific American Frontiers explores Robotics. Experiments and activities for you to explore.

NOVA explores the use of Robotics to defuse bombs on Bomb Squad.
The Web site includes video clips of six robots in action!

Visit the MIT Laboratories and see video clips of actual robots in action! Over 20 examples of working robots!

Manufacturing Robot

Really cool website!

Learn how to build your own robot with Lego Mindstorms.

Lego bricks

Robot with flag

The Tech Online Museum of Innovation has a great history of robots.

NASA is home to many robotic projects
with lots of pictures and information!

Space robot

Laughing robot

You can control the robot at the Carnegie Mellon Institute! You can even ask the Robot a joke!

What is a Nano Rover? NASA can tell you.

Mars Rover

Then, build your own Nanorover!

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