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An example of a food chain that begins with the sun shining on a plant, that's eaten by a bug, that's eaten by a frog, that's eaten by a snake, that's finally eaten by a bird which is the end of the food chain.

Food Chain

Some animals eat plants. Some animals eat other animals. The lives of these plants and animals are interconnected. They depend upon one another for survival. That's called the food chain. How do food chains work? How do different environments impact food chains? What happens to a food chain if one of its plants or animals disappears?

The guest scientists for "Food Chain" are:

  • Evin Oneale, Regional Conservation Educator, Idaho Department of Fish and Game
  • Adare Evans, Wildlife Educator, Idaho Department of Fish and Game
  • Learn more about our guests

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"Food Chain" airs Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 2:00 pm /1:00 pm MT/PT. You can also watch it here on the Web! After the broadcast, come here to watch all our "Food Chain"-related video.

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