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Earthquake for Teachers

Earth coreTo start your instruction in earthquakes, this is where you should head first. Download and print this teachers' guide packed with instructional activities, lessons, and information from FEMA. For grades 1-6. You won't believe the information you will find and use here.



Do you need help teaching liquefaction? Head here for additional information.

Can you Predict Earthquakes?

Every Place Has Its Faults Explanations of the 4 basic types of faults.

Musical Plates "In this multidisciplinary project, elementary grade students can learn about earthquakes through activities that use real time earthquake data as well as language art activities that look at how earthquakes affect our lives. There is also a teacher's area to assist educators in implementing this project in their classroom." (Spanish Version)

This Dynamic Earth An explanation of Plate Tectonics.


Puzzles of the Earth, a Thinkquest Internet Challenge about Plate Tectonics

A tool for you: A Contour map of the Earth's crust thickness.

Earthquake ABC, A Child's view of earthquakes, with drawings by children, a parent's guide and a teacher's guide.

TheTech: Earthquakes This is the perfect place to start for both students and teachers. Topics include: Basics, Seismographs, Plate Tectonics, Waves, Faults, Waves Seismograms, History, History, Inside the Earth Safety. "This site was created for the Hypertech online museum as a class project by CMP 194, UCSC's course in advanced online publishing, taught by Marti Atkinson. It is a production of EPIC, the Electronic Publishing Instructional Curriculum."


Earthquakes for Teachers from USGS by topic and by grade.



Lesson Plans from National Geographic Xpeditions, by grade level.

Candy Quakes Using a candy bar, gum, and Twizzlers, students will demonstrate the effects of deformational forces on the earth's crust. (8th Grade level)


The Day the Earth Shook, a classroom activity design challenges to explore structural engineering, from WGBH and NOVA.

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