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Galaxies Links

Courtesy NASA

Galaxies – StarChild – a website for kids here.

How many galaxies are there? Click here to get even a tiny idea.

Ask an Astronomer for Kids – Galaxies – Click here.

Kidpower – Galaxies – here.

Esakids – a kids' site on space – find games, images and information about galaxies here, The Milky Way here, Stars and galaxies here.

Andromeda galaxy

Courtesy NASA

Learn about galaxies and other space topics - Click here.

Ask an Astronomer for kids – Black Holes – Click here.

Black Hole Rescue – a game from NASA here.

Here's a galaxy art project from NASA here.


Here are some great kid projects on galaxies.

Check out NASA's kids' site here.

comic alien

And here's NASA's game site – click here.

And more games from KidsAstronomy here.

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