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Galaxies for Teachers

Teachers' Corner – Goddard Space Flight Center - Click here. Homepage with news and resources here.

Our Place in Our galaxy – from JPL – PowerPoint – Click here.

comic star

Amazing Space – astronomy basics and photos from Hubble – Click here.

Classifying galaxies – an interactive lesson for the Hubble – Click here.

Curious about astronomy – galaxies – Click here.

Black holes – click here.

Learn more about galaxies and other space related topics here.

Check out galaxies on the NASA website here.

The lives of stars – from PBS – click here.


Galaxies Galore – teacher page – Click here. Lesson Plan here.

National Geographic – Galaxies – Click here.

Classroom activity for classifying the galaxies here.

A Black Hole presentation online here from Hubble.

Learn more about the galaxy classifications here.

Here are some projects and activities for your here.

Lesson plan: comparing the different galaxy types here.


Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble gallery – look at all the amazing images here.

SkyTellers – a links for many galaxy sites here.

Space PowerPoints here.

Stars and Galaxies PowerPoints here.

Black Hole PowerPoints here.

Get some more background information on the Milky Way here.

Compare the size of our sun with others in the universe here.

More Hubble information and pictures here.

Galaxies Galore lesson plan with worksheets here.

Here's a galaxy art project from NASA here.

pinwheel galaxy

Courtesy NASA / JPL-Caltech

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