October 15, 2002

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Circulation in the Head
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A man with a heart        Links                 Especially for                KIDS!

Use your brain to learn about your heart at Kids, http://,
where you can explore
these topics: Pointing finger

Blood gets around, listen to the lub-dub

               Do you know the Parts of Blood yet? This might help you.
                                             How about the Parts of the Circulatory System
                                                                           Now you're ready for the Pumping Heart!
                 From Life Science Connections Hospital

This visual graphic of the circulatory system from
Indianapolis Marion County Public Library Circulatory systemwill put everything in its right place.
Here is your Prescription for a healthy heart
from The Franklin Institute,
Don't miss The Franklin Institute's Online Lessons about:

Big Heart and DoctorPBS, WGBH,and NOVA will take you on a journey to the Electric Heart where you can read a map of the human heart and meet the pioneers of heart surgery. Finally, you can conduct your own virtual heart transplant procedure!!! Have Fun!!

This Thinkquest Junior website about The Circulatory System was made by kids for kids.

Red schoolhouse  LINKS for TEACHERS Doctor and boy
          In depth explanations of The Heart and the Circulatory System
from The National Health Museum, Access Excellence

          Delve into myths and facts about human blood and its impact on medicine, commerce,  religion and popular culture throughout history with the PBS Documentary,
                                          RED GOLD: THE EPIC STORY OF BLOOD.
 This is a teacher level site with tons of information,movies, simulations and graphics.                                                  

      A glossary for teachers from  RED GOLD: THE EPIC STORY OF BLOOD.     

          This Thinkquest educational website is a perfect e-learning resource targeted at  educators and students alike who are learning about blood. It gives information about the  blood, immunity and the circulatory system. There is a fascinating Timeline and Pioneers of  Blood Research section.

Blood Donor

The website of the New York Blood Center that provides facts about blood.

           At the Franklin Institute Science Museum take time to review even more information about  the heart on development of the heart, circulation, diet, health, disease and more. It includes  graphics and a short video clip of heart bypass surgery. Start with  The Table on Contents.

Resources for teachers, links, books, articles

 Four activities from The National Health Museum, Access Excellence,

 Take a look at the  activities that accompany the Newton's Apple show:
 What makes different blood types different?

 What Is Blood and How It Circulates In and Out  of the Heart

 Aspects of Individual Human Blood Pressure

 Listen to Your Heart Beat

 Cardiovascular Fitness from Ask Eric printlessons.cgi/ Virtual/Lessons/  Health/Body_Systems_and_Senses/BSS0004.html

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