Lewis and Clark Across the Mountains

An Engineer Tracks the Trail  

Self Discovery Experience on the Lolo Trail

How can the experience of 1805 be recreated in 2005?  The answer is the self discovery experience on the Lolo Trail!

The Lolo Trail System on the Lolo and Clearwater National Forests in Idaho and Montana offers the nation's most unique exploring experience at the start of the 21st century. This ancient route has many miles of undisturbed, undeveloped landscape and trail tread. The condition of the route is as close to that experienced by Lewis and Clark and other earlier travelers as can be found.

If you want to experience the journey, as did Lewis and Clark, by bushwacking through miles of brush and timber downfall to find isolated springs, streams, trail tread, and campsites - the Lolo Trail still offers that experience.

Many segments of the erosion trace of the Nez Perce trail followed by Lewis and Clark can still be found on the ridges and alongside the creeks of the Lolo Trail. Although the tread is now obscured by brush, grass, and windfalls, it can still be located and is quite deep in some locations. Imagine finded a segment of the actual trail followed by Lewis and Clark and then walking in their actual footsteps.

With the proper equipment and map resources, you will be able to have the experience.

As the Clearwater National Forest developes its management plan for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, they need to hear from you to support the idea of leaving the ancient trail in its current state so you can have this experience. Your opinion on preserving this precious historic trail resource should be expressed by contacting the forest supervisor at:

    Supervisor's Office
    USFS, Clearwater National Forest
    12730 Highway 12
    Orofino, ID 83544

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