Cyber Bullying Prevention

Cyber Bullying Prevention

In observation of National Bullying Prevention Month (October), Idaho Public Television has the following resources designed to raise awareness about how to prevent bullying.

In addition, a comprehensive guide to cyberbullying prevention is available online from our state library partners at 

Broadcast Programs (Air times are listed as Mountain/Pacific)

Tiger Takes on Bullying
Airs October 4 at 1:30/12:30 a.m. on Idaho Channel
A lively, music-filled program that helps elementary school kids learn how to deal with bullying in school, online and socially. By using children's own words, TIGER Takes On Bullying! depicts their real experiences with bullying and intolerance. In addition it shows them how to move toward more positive social interactions at school and in the community. This program aims to help students resolve bullying behaviors as well as to guide those who witness bullying and intolerance and don't know what to do.

Who Cares About Kelsey
Airs October 10 at 1:00 a.m/midnight on Idaho Channel
A high school student transforms from a disruptive "problem student" to a motivated young woman.

World Peace and other 4th Grade Achievements
Airs October 10th at 2:00/1:00 a.m. on Idaho Channel 
Program interweaves the story of a remarkable educator and the extraordinary game he developed to demonstrate the complexities of peace and global conflict. The nine- and 10-year-olds divide into groups, including nation states, the World Bank, United Nations officials, indigenous peoples and even arms dealers. Then, they face daily challenges ranging from insurgencies and global warming to ethnic tensions and natural disasters. Working together, while also balancing the interests of their own "nations," they attempt to achieve global prosperity with the least amount of military intervention.

Word Girl:  The Rise of Miss Power Part 3 and 4
Airs October 17 at 3:30/2:30 pm on Idaho Channel
Word Girl takes on bullying in this episode when Miss Power has taken the bullying thing way too far.  WordGirl doesn't like being associated with such a mean person and sends Miss Power packing and vows to use words only for good.

With You All The Way: Symposium for Military Families
Airs October 17 at 2:00/1:00 a.m. on Idaho Channel
Details the toll America's wars have taken on military families and help available to military kids.

Teaching Channel Presents: Digital Citizens & Improving Practices
Airs October 17 at 3:00 /2:00 a.m. on Idaho Channel and October 19 at 3:00/2:00 pm on Learn Channel
Students learn to use the Internet responsibly and teachers work to improve their practices. Other episodes examining bullying are available on the Teaching Channel website. 


SCOUT, Video Collections
Cyber-bullies Are No Fun (Grades 4-6)
Stop Bullying … Take a Stand (Grades 7-13+)
Jean Decety Says Bullies' Brains Might Work Differently (Grades 6-7)
Not in Our Town: Class Actions:
Lancaster, California — A City Unites To End Bullying
(Grades 6-13+) 


Other Online PBS Resources

Dissed Respect: The Impact of Bullying
Encourages dialogue about the need to reduce the high-risk behavior of bullying. It reveals the relationship between bullying and dysfunctional aspects of diversity.

Frontline Digital Nation
In a single generation, the Worldwide Web and digital media have transformed the way we work, learn and connect. This program explores life on the virtual frontier.
It's My Life website takes on the topic of bullying for adolescents.
This website tackles the emotional aspects of bullying.
Not in Our Schools provides this resource for teachers and parents about how to make schools safe and free from stereotypes, intolerance and hate.
A PBS Parents article, this piece offers ways to protect kids from cyberbullying.
Happy To Be Me: An Anti-Bullying Discussion is a Sesame Workshop production that includes steps parents, educators and children can take to prevent and stop the behavior in preschoolers. 

Other Broadcast Programs

(October is Disability Awareness Month)

Autism: Coming Of Age
Airs October 2 at 2:00/1:00 a.m. on Idaho Channel
An inside look at the lives of three adults with autism, including interviews with their families.

Autism: Making It Work
Airs October 31 at 2:00/1:00 a.m. on Idaho Channel
Explores the growing needs of adolescents and young adults with autism to ensure their success.

Autistic-Like: Graham's Story
Airs October 9 at 3:00/2:00 a.m.  on Idaho Channel
Follow one dad's determined search to find the right treatments, the right doctors, even the right words to describe his "autistic-like" son. This film illuminates the medical, social and public health issues faced by families whose "autistic-like" children have no clear diagnosis, and are offered no specific treatment. It is a reminder that by watching closely and looking for what works, parents can find the right help for their child.


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