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Idaho Public Television broadcasts a wide range of telecourses you can use to earn college credit. But even without college credit, these series are a great resource for self-enrichment or to supplement high school or college curricula. Many of the telecourses that Idaho Public Television broadcasts are associated with college-credit courses offered by Boise State University  (1-800-824-7017, ext. 1709, or 208-426-1709 in the Treasure Valley). Registration should be completed before classes begin.

For SPRING 2014, IdahoPTV will broadcast the following telecourses early Saturday mornings (for specific episode listings, see our overnight educational blockfeed schedule). All times MT/PT.

Saturday mornings (beginning February 1, 2014):

3:00/2:00 am: Unfinished Nation (HIST-111, Unfinished Nation, part 1)

4:00/3:00 am: Unfinished Nation (HIST-112, Unfinished Nation, part 2)

5:00/4:00 am: Inside Out (Psych-101, Introduction to Psychology)

Other telecourses are broadcast as part of our early morning educational blockfeed during much of the year; for example, ESL and foreign language courses such as CONNECT WITH ENGLISH, FRENCH IN ACTION, and DESTINOS.

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