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PBS KIDS Writers Contest

PBS KIDS Writers Contest

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2021 Contest Winners

Eastern Idaho

KISU/Pocatello - Eastern Region


1st - Elsa the Dreamer by Charlotte

2nd - The Magical Treasure Chest by Emma

3rd - The Little Girl Who Lost a Tooth by Oakley

First Grade

1st - How to Train Your Parents by Whitlee

2nd - The Boy and the Panther by Austyn

3rd - I'm a Raspberry Dude! by Saraya

Second Grade

1st - Friendship by Juliet

2nd - Flook the Flowercorn by Madelyn

3rd - The Dragon's Bite by Caroline

Third Grade

1st - The Flowers Quest by Paige

2nd - The Nutella Banana Sandwich by Sophie 

3rd - The Camping Trip by Rodrigo

Northern Idaho

KUID/Moscow - Northern Region


1st - The Lonely Bear by Delilah

First Grade

1st - My Dancing Fly Guy by Kortnee

2nd - The Vampire Who Lost His Tooth by Alex

3rd - Catboy by Joshua

Second Grade

1st - Violet Rowena by Cambria

2nd - The Adventures of Problem and Solution by Mary

3rd - Going to Costa Rica by Emree

Third Grade

1st - Life of a Teddy Bear by Emika

2nd - Did You Ever Wash Your Shirt?  by Unity

3rd - The Mushroom Hunt by Kooper

Western Idaho

KAID/Boise - Southwest Region


1st - Penguin's Big Adventure by Juliette

2nd - Mermaid Lilly's Adventure by Addy

3rd - The Lost Dad by Gabriel 

First Grade

1st - Chloe the Cheeseburger Breathing Dragon by Paisley

2nd - Here Are My...Where Are My Pants!? by Henrietta

3rd - The Broken Pinwheel by Thomas

Second Grade

1st - The Stuck Dress by Sierra

2nd - Holly the Kitten: Finally Having a Happy Life Book #1 by Hadley

3rd - The Adventures of Samantha and Sage by Liberty

Third Grade

1st - Friendship Always Wins by Genevieve

2nd - The Lazy Lemur Hutson by Kenna

3rd - The Horrible Marvelous Year by Amelia