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PBS KIDS Writers Contest

PBS KIDS Writers Contest

Idaho Public Television PBS KIDS Writers Contest is here! The contest is open to children in grades Kindergarten to 3rd grade. Please make sure to read the rules and complete the entry form.

Judging has started!
Winners will be notified October 1st

Call (800)543-6868 or (208)373-7220,
or or use our contact form.

Entry form
tips for teachers

2019 Contest Winners

Eastern Idaho

KISU/Pocatello - Eastern Region


1st - Olivia Hangs On by Juliet

2nd - Unicorn Math by Indie

3rd - Black Pup and Adventures by Stella

First Grade

1st - Bibbity Bobbity Oops! by Keaton

2nd - The Mixed Up Holidays by Bronson

3rd - A Run Away Tractor by Quinn

Second Grade

1st - Ghost Finds a Friend by Tyler

2nd - The Animal Heist by Kayden

3rd - Antarctica by Bellamy

Third Grade

1st - The Barnyard Race by Charlotte

2nd - The Magical Piano by Tye

3rd - Prickleman by Paige

Northern Idaho

KUID/Moscow - Northern Region


1st - Libby the Kitty on Her Adventures by Liberty

2nd - Papa's Helper at the Cabin by Joseph

First Grade

1st - The Big Race by Clayton

2nd - How to Train Puppies by Josie

3rd - How to Go Sledding by Donaven

Second Grade

1st - Lizard Wizard by Henry

2nd - The Adventures of Lumpy Wafflebrains by Madhav

3rd - Bobcats by Sage

Third Grade

1st - My Journey to the North Pole by Claire

2nd - A Little Leaf by Julie

3rd - When My Sister Was Born by Wyatt

Western Idaho

KAID/Boise - Southwest Region


1st - Snail Day Holiday by Isabella

2nd - The White Kitten by Lydia

3rd - The Princess and the Unicorns by Korra

First Grade

1st - Trash Ball by Amaia

2nd - Baby Jelly Bean by Gabriel

3rd - Superhero Training Manual by John

Second Grade

1st - Chip the Bad Boy by Quinn

2nd - Diary of a Sockeye Salmon by Kent

3rd - The Mean Salmon by Elle

Third Grade

1st - D & C by Abby

2nd - The Mountain That Didn't Grow by Joshua

3rd - The Mixed Up Monkey by Hazel