American Graduate
American Graduate

Meriwether Cider: Putting The GI Bill To Work

See how a small cider company met their workforce needs through the use of the GI Bill and the VA Apprenticeship Program.

CWI Western States
CAT Tech

A good career path often starts in high school. Meet Jeremy Perkins, who is making the most of his education as he works to become a Western States Caterpillar Technician through training at KTEC and the CWI Western States CAT Tech Program.

KTEC Welding Program

Metalworkers build the backbone of our country. At KTEC in northern Idaho, we discovered it is a trade taught well.

American Graduate Electrical Apprenticeship

In Pocatello we learn how the JATC apprenticeship trains electrical technicians of the future through classroom and real world experience.

Clark Fork High School
CTE Program

In the small town of Clark Fork, Idaho, we discovered Career and Technical Education is as vital a part of student development as science, English, and math.

Samantha Spencer, DTEC Collision Repair Student

Meet Samantha Spencer, a Kuna High School student whose creative interests led her to explore auto body collision repair at Dennis Technical Education Center in Boise.

Mountain View High School Broadcast Technology

In this video about the Broadcast Technology Program at Mountain View High School, we learn from senior Justin Buss and instructor Michael Gartner that it's not just about developing new skill sets, it's also about learning professional practices that build strong relationships.


FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Applying may be easier than you think. This 90-second PSA provides information on FAFSA, its deadlines, and how to apply. The video features college and career coordinator Kathy Purin of Kuna High School. To learn more go to

Paul Danenberg Apprenticeship

Explore the value of apprenticeships in this short profile of auto technician Paul Danenberg, who graduated from the College of Southern Idaho and began his career with Dennis Dillon GMC in Boise. Learn more about apprenticeships for your career or your business.

Life Happens: Career and Technical Education

Career and Technical Education is an affordable way to get hands-on experience that will serve as the foundation for your success. To learn more visit Idaho Career and Technical Education or Next Steps Idaho.

Idaho Pathways

A high school career program doesn't just teach technical skills, it allows students to explore their passions while building the self-confidence to believe in the promise of their dreams. To learn more visit Idaho Career and Technical Education or Next Steps Idaho.

Advancing Education and Career Readiness

Idaho Public Television is strengthening its commitment to education throughout the state with "American Graduate: Getting To Work," a public media initiative from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to illuminate pathways to post-secondary education and career placement.

Obstacles and Options: Building Paths Beyond High School

A town hall discussion hosted by Kevin Richert and Idaho Ed News with a panel of students, teachers, and policy makers discussing the challenges and opportunities facing students and young adults seeking post-secondary education and career placement.

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