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"Restoring Rivers"
In our headlong search for riches, we humans haven't always been kind to rivers, damming them, straightening them, running them through concrete channels, all in an effort to gain complete control.
Thursday at 8 PM

February 2020 Episodes
  • Feb. 6 & 9 - Seeking Refuge
  • Feb. 13 & 16 - The Outfitters
  • Feb. 20 & 23 - 50 Years of Wilderness
  • Feb. 27 - Restoring Rivers
News & Notes

Got any video of “urban wildlife”? That’s one of our next shows and we need your help capturing the action!

Send us your video footage, photos and security camera shots of wildlife sharing habitat with humans.

Geese on the sidewalk, coyotes on the trails, cougars in the backyard, deer crossing the road… anything goes!

Email photos and videos to: lauren.melink@idahoptv.org

NOTE: Only video shot horizontally, please.

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