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Spud Country

Check out Outdoor Idaho’s online “Spud Country” Cookbook with recipes from viewers around the Gem State!

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Idaho's Middle Earth

Caves were home to our ancestors, providing shelter from the elements, their walls a canvas for memories. Today, we are still drawn to the dark, the unknown, and even the beauty of what lies beneath our feet. Outdoor Idaho goes under Idaho to discover and illuminate the pitch black world of wild caves.

Thursday at 8 PM, Sunday at 7 PM

January 2022 Episodes

January 2 - "Hometown Ski Hills"

January 6, 9 - "Working for Wildlife"

January 13, 16 - "Winter Grit"

January 20, 23 - "Idaho's Middle Earth"

January 27, 30 - "Into The Pioneers"

News & Notes

In October we entered our 39th season with a program called “Salmon Reckoning,” a deep dive into the complicated and controversial issue of keeping Idaho’s salmon from going extinct. Congressman Mike Simpson is proposing breaching the four lower Snake River dams, all located in the state of Washington. You can watch the half-hour program here

In December we explored “Spud Country,” our hour-long examination into the culture, the trials and tribulations, the joys and rewards of growing what are arguably the best potatoes in the country. The show aired December 5th. 

Another hour-long program airing in March of 2022, “The Next Chapter,”  takes a look at agencies and individuals who are adjusting to the changing times. It’s one of those shows where “change” is not so scary!  Other shows currently in the pipeline include a program on wild flowers, a look at adaptive sports called “Breaking Boundaries”; one on “Roadside Attractions,” and one on “The Bitterroots.”

Thanks for watching. We’ll keep you up-to-date on our Facebook page, where we also feature a monthly “Iconic Idaho” photo contest. There are new winners and Honorable Mentions posted the first of each month. Well worth checking out! And don’t forget our YouTube channel and our Instagram page!

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