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Outdoor Idaho

Outdoor Idaho

Outdoor Idaho wins 2 Regional Emmy Awards

Idaho Public Television is proud of our talented production staff who were honored with 2 Regional Emmy Awards for Outdoor Idaho, and a total of 14 nominations overall.

This Week's Show

"Hops & Barley"

From the golden fields of barley in southeastern Idaho to the biggest hops ranch in the world nestled up against the Canadian border, Outdoor Idaho takes you on an exploration of the ingredients, and the craftsmanship behind Idaho beer.

Thursday at 8 PM, Sunday at 7 PM

September 2021 Episodes

September 2, 5 - "Beyond the White Clouds"

September 12 - "Home on the Range"

September 16, 19 - "Hops & Barley" 

September 23, 26 - "Barns of Idaho"

September 30 - "Into the Pioneers"

News & Notes

In October we entered our 38th season with a half hour program called “Barns of Idaho.” The response was gratifying, and we expanded the program to an hour in March of 2021.

In December our hour-long special “Idaho’s 12ers” explored Idaho’s tallest mountains.

In March of 2021, we went “Off the Beaten Path” in an hour-long special, visiting some unusual and hard-to-reach places in all parts of the state.

In May of 2021 we met some “Women Who Hunt.” And later this year we’ll examine the fate of our salmon in “Salmon Reckoning.” We’ll also visit “Spud Country” in an hour-long special. We are still shooting for these shows, as well as for programs called "Changing of the Guard," “Extraordinary Athletes,” “Roadside Attractions,” and one on the Bitterroots. Thanks for watching; we’ll keep you up-to-date on our Facebook page

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