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Idaho Reports

This week on the Idaho Reports podcast: the administrator of the Idaho Division of Veterans Services discusses nursing shortages, and plans to renovate Idaho state-run veterans homes. And lawmakers prepare to finally address rising property taxes, but they have competing ideas on how to tackle the issue. Learn more online

FYIdaho | Adventure Skiing in Idaho

For many Idahoans, winter means skiing, skiing and more skiing. But if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous than your average ski hill, don’t worry, Idaho won’t let you down. For more Idaho ideas, resources and facts, visit

The Choice is Yours with Passport

Life is full of choices, and right now your favorite member benefit, Passport, is offering more choices for you to stream. With cooking, travel, documentaries, and so much more, the choice is yours with IdahoPTV Passport on the PBS video app. Learn more at

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