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Idaho's Nuclear Navy | Idaho Experience

In the early fifties, the U.S. Navy under the leadership of Admiral Hyman Rickover was hard at work developing a nuclear-powered engine to drive submarines and aircraft carriers. The efforts created the Naval Reactors Facility in the desert outside Idaho Falls. 

Idaho Experience looks at the Naval Reactors Facility in "Idaho's Nuclear Navy," premiering December 3 at 6PM.

Joy Ride: Bicycling in Idaho | Outdoor Idaho

There’s more to biking than just rolling on two wheels, there’s a joy that comes from being free to explore, unencumbered by windshields and metal. Idahoans are using bicycles to get to beautiful places; from backcountry hunting to rural commutes; from hot springs to secret camp spots. 

Outdoor Idaho highlights the folks using bicycles to get somewhere in "Joy Ride: Bicycling in Idaho," premiering Sunday, December 3 at 7PM.

Celebrate Decemberfest with IdahoPTV

It's that time of year again - tune in December 1-3 for Decemberfest! Filled with holiday specials and new episodes of local programming, it's our way of saying 'thank you' for your support of Idaho Public Television!

See the full schedule and learn more at

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