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Iconic Idaho Photo Contest

The History Behind the "Iconic Idaho" Photo Contest

It began with an idea, a platform, and a social-media-averse host who once exclaimed, “I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste my time on something called My Face.”

The host in question was the longtime executive producer and face of IdahoPTV’s celebrated program Outdoor Idaho, Bruce Reichert. 

The 'Iconic Idaho' photo contest on Outdoor Idaho's Facebook page has a rich history and has become a significant bridge between people of all ages who share an interest in the outdoors. The Facebook page has provided a platform for followers to engage with the show's content, offer suggestions, and build real friendships. Since 2009, the ‘Iconic Idaho’ photo contest has become one of Outdoor Idaho’s most popular and cherished traditions. This contest allows anyone to participate by posting photos throughout the month, and it has garnered immense participation with some months receiving hundreds of entries.

This photo contest has had a profound impact, not only on Outdoor Idaho and Idaho Public Television but also on the entire state of Idaho. The collection of photographs amassed through the contest is considered remarkable and unmatched anywhere else. The contest has generated an incredible amount of goodwill, as evident from the numerous comments, likes, and shares on the page. 

Outdoor Idaho has also managed to involve its audience in its television programs, a challenge that is seldom attempted by other shows. By including the audience's outdoor adventures, videos, and photographs in the making of its episodes and associated web material, Outdoor Idaho has fostered a deep connection with its followers and photography enthusiasts.

Though Bruce has since stepped down after his retirement in 2022, the photo contest lives on and serves as another testament to the impactful and endearing legacy of the former host.

About the Contest

How to Enter

Learn how to upload and vote for your favorite images in Outdoor Idaho's "Iconic Idaho" photo contest with this short, informative video.

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