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Discover an Abundance of Idaho Wildflowers

If you're a fan of springtime in the Gem State, with its warmer, wet, and sometimes unpredictable weather — or even if you suffer through allergy season like many of us do — you've likely ventured outdoors these past few months and noticed the abundance, variety and beauty of Idaho's wildflowers.

Outdoor Idaho's Wildflowers of Idaho page is a great resource to help you identify and better understand the stories of the colorful flora that dot every region of our state. On this page, you can scroll through a close-up photo gallery of Idaho wildflowers from science-teacher-turned-photographer Gerry Queener. Watch a series of YouTube shorts from producer Lauren Melink on some of the Gem State's most interesting and useful herbs and flowers like arrowleaf balsamroot, golden currant, biscuitroot and dandelion. And then enjoy the full Outdoor Idaho episode "Wildflowers," which looks at Idaho's flora through the eyes of botanists, photographers, herbalists, farmers and hobbyists.

Ready to start exploring? Below, you'll find videos from public television stations throughout our region and other parts of the country that reveal the true variety and beauty of flowers from coast to coast. Flower-powered road trip, anyone?

Outdoor Idaho: Wildflowers

Wildflowers capture the hearts of those willing to look down and around. Outdoor Idaho enters the world of wildflowers to tell the stories of the colorful flora that dot our state. Look at wildflowers through the eyes of botanists, photographers, herbalists, farmers and hobbyists. We'll delve into the science, beauty, ecosystem, history and culture of wildflowers. 

Northwest Now: Mt. Rainier Meadow Wildflowers

Climate change is causing changes with wildflowers growing in Mt. Rainier's subalpine meadows. Find out how a unique study using social media by the University of Washington showed earlier growth due to early snow melt. 

Backyard Farmer: Nebraska Native Wildflowers

Learn how a Lincoln resident has propagated and planted Nebraska native wildflowers and hear about the differences between eastern and western Nebraska horticulture. Experts answer viewers' questions on insects, turf, trees and plants. 

The Family Plot: Beekeeping Basics & Wildflowers

David Glover, the Bartlett Bee Whisperer, demonstrates some beginning beekeeping techniques. Also, Andy Williams from the Lichterman Nature Center in Memphis, Tennessee, talks about attracting wildlife to your yard with wildflowers. 

Central Texas Gardener: Wild About Wildflowers & Native Plants All Year

Yes, we love those spring wildflowers! But just like us, our beneficial wildlife needs food all year long. Andrea DeLong-Amaya from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center shows how to extend the menu every season. On tour, see how a gardener turned a typical suburban lawn into wildlife habitat. 

SciTech Now: Life Blooms in Death Valley

Beneath Death Valley lies a massive seed bank of desert wildflowers, and when heavy winter rains soak deep into the soil, these hidden wonders spring to life. Some call it a beautiful revolution against the tyranny of the desert, while others simply refer to it as a “superbloom.”