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KNOW the toxic, cancer-causing, brain, bone, and lung-damaging chemicals in vapes


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The History of Vapes

E-cigarettes were introduced to the US market in 2007. Since that time, they have evolved from being marketed as a way for cigarette smokers to quit to easy-to-hide disposable vapes that are highly addictive, especially for youth.

The Health Impacts of Youth Vaping

Vaping impacts the brains, lungs and bones of adolescents. Nicotine exposure can harm the developing brain (which doesn’t fully develop until age 28) and lead to addiction, memory loss, mood disorders and reduced impulse control. Vaping also can lead to bone and lung disorders in young bodies.

How Do Kids Get Vapes?

Although vaping under the age of 21 is illegal in the US and Idaho, Idaho youth still manage to acquire vape products. Many vapes are found via social media channels and are sold by adults. Often it is unclear what is contained in these “street vapes”.

Brogan's Story: Vaping Almost Killed Me

Brogan was a typical teen from southwest Idaho who liked to dirt bike, hang out with friends and bowling until a grand mal seizure landed him in the local hospital. Doctors said the seizure was brought on by vaping. Did Logan believe it? Hear from Brogan why he thinks vaping almost killed him.

How to Hide a Vape

Vapes have been designed to be easily disguised and don’t have the smoke or smell associated with combustible cigarettes. According to Idaho teens and prevention experts, kids are vaping in classrooms and in front of their parents. Find out what vapes look like and how easy they are to hide.

Quitting and Vape Prevention

1 in 5 Idaho teens has tried vaping at least once. Idaho teens say that vapes are everywhere. But experts say the best way to prevent your child from vaping is to talk to them about the dangers of vaping as early as possible.



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